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High Performance AC Drives Induction & PM Motor Control 230, 460, 500, 600 volt models - 0. 00 firmware changes. For Optidrive P2 units Frame Sizes 2 and 3, the parameter range is adjustable between 0. It provides exceptional motor control with a simple interface and even allows for PLC functionality. OLED text display. Learn directly from our world class engineers with the definitive optidrive p2 manual español knowledge base for variable frequency drives. ) o From the above formulas, we must determine settings of P2-29, P2-31 and P2-32 to achieve the desired final scaling.

P2-08 Preset Speed 8 / Boost Speed / Stir Speed 2 -P1-01 P1-01 0. Product successfully added to your shopping cart. com al 1 Revision History Issue Note Section Date 1. Powerful, Versatile and Easy to Use Designed for fast installation and commissioning, P2 variable frequency drive provides the most cost effective solution for industry. Wall thickness Distance 100 mm 250 mm 120 mm 250 mm 150 mm 180 mm Wall. Operates in VxF, Sensorless Vector or Full Closed-loop Flux Vector (when the optional Encoder Feedback card is fitted). Firma INVERTEK CZ s.

optidrive p2 manual español 2kW, IP20 inverter. Optidrive Applications Support Library Application Note AN-ODV-2-001 Title Setting the Motor Nameplate Data Related Products Optidrive HVAC Level 1 1 – Fundamental - No previous experience necessary 2 – Basic – Some Basic drives knowledge recommended 3 – Advanced – Some Basic drives knowledge required. The Optidrive uses high voltages and currents, carries a high level of stored electrical energy, and is used to. But that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be user-friendly. Basic Parameters Par. Also for: Optidrive opti5c, Optidrive optiw, Optidrive opti55, Optidrive opti65. uk Optidrive P2 IP20 Easy Start Up Guide AC Supply Connection Supply Voltage 3 Phase Units : Connect L1 L2 L3, PE 200 – 240 Volts + / - 10% 1 Phase Units : Connect L1, L2, PE 380 – 380 Volts + / - 10% Fuses or MCB o Check the Drive Rating Information on page 44. se specializuje na dodávku a servis frekvenčních měničů anglického výrobce Invertek Drives Ltd.

Braking Resistors option details for Optidrive P2 variable frequency drives by Invertek Drives, global manufacturer of variable speed drives (VSDs) for energy efficient control of electric motors. Optidrive E3 Advanced Technical Manual Issue 03 1. Optidrive ODE-2 User Guide Revision 3. 20 Major updated to include V2. Optidrive P2 Advanced User Guide Iss07. View and Download Lanzar Optidrive OPTI6C installation manual online.

Optidrive P2 High Performance Drive, 0. 0 seconds P1-04 Deceleration Ramp Time See Below 5. Standard Classification Independent Approval EN 61800‐5‐2: Type 2 *TUV EN ISO 13849‐1: PL “d” EN 61508 (Part 1 to 7) SIL 2. Preset speed 1 value (commanded speed when preset speed 1 is selected) is set in parameter P-20. The predefined preset speed selections in parameter P-15 allow for selection of one, two or four preset speed configurations. IP55 is protection against low pressure jets of water and harmful deposits of dust. through the bracket to the position where Bio Entry P2 will be installed.

Optidrive ODE-3 User Guide Revision 1. For Optidrive P2 operation the default or PLC defined functionality is available but there is no option español to implement Cascade control. However, if an aftermarket radio system is used, the OptiDrive will need to be reprogrammed to work properly. Pretvornik Invertek P2 / ODPKF42-TN (250kW, 450A) Frekvenčni pretvornik: 250 kW, 450A 3 fazno napajanje 380-480V OLED prikazo. 5 TO 350 HP - NEMA12 Packaging |HP Through Panel Mount Option. This variable speed drive product (Optidrive) is intended for professional incorporation into complete equipment or systems as part of a fixed installation.

com 1 1 on User Guide IP20 & IP66 (NEMA 4X) AC Variable Speed Drive 0. The Optidrive E2 has several settings for parameter P-15 that configure some drive preset speed functionality. 000 manuals online & and download pdf manuals.

Invertek Optidrive P2, ODPKF42-SN, 400V 3 phase input, 400V 3 phase output, 2. pŘehled technickÁ data rozmĚry dokumentace fotogalerie video pŘehled technickÁ data rozmĚry dokumentace manuál optidrive p2 en te. Durham (UK), has decided to purchase 4 new Breton contouring machines. Optidrive ODP-2 User Guide Revision 1. Optidrive E3 Advanced Technical Manual Issue 05.

Shop Now: com/optidrive-p2-series-ac-drives/ Powerful, Versatile and Easy to Use. com 3 1 Up EN 61800 Declaration of Conformity Invertek Drives Ltd hereby states that the Optidrive ODE-3 product range conforms to the relevant safety provisions of the following council. • If installing Bio Entry P2 on a concrete wall, drill holes, insert PVC anchors, and fix them with fixing screws. 20 Firmware changes • Added comms info • Added additional technical specification • Updated parameter descriptions 1. E3 AC Variable Frequency Drive Documentation. OptiDrive controller unit for the Traxxas TQ radio system is covered in the Revo manual. 0) Hz / RPM Maximum output frequency or motor speed limit – Hz or RPM. 00 First Release 1.

If installed incorrectly it may present a safety hazard. uk 3 Declaration of Conformity: Invertek Drives Ltd hereby states that the Optidrive Plus 3GV product range conforms to the relevant safety provisions of the Low Voltage Directive /95/EC and the EMC Directive /108/EC and has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the. Standard Classification Independent Approval EN: Type 2. Designed for fast installation and commissionin. There are 0 items in your cart. 00 (82-OPT-2-EXTIO-IN) PDF.

optidrive p2 manual español 0 Hz / Rpm Preset Speeds / Frequencies which may be selected by the digital inputs dependent on the setting of P1-13 Optidrive Eco Advanced User Guide Revision 1. If P-10 >0, the value entered / displayed is in RPM. Invertek Optidrive P2 IP55 Series AC Inverter for 15kW (20HP) 400V 3 Ph motor to 30A. DIN rail mountable. Dodaj na seznam želja. Page 3 Optidrive ODE-3 1Ph Output User Guide Revision 1. Español 26 Türkçe 91 Suomi 31 日本語 96 Français 36 한국어 101. Parameter Descriptions 1.

0 Seconds Deceleration ramp time from base speed (P1-09) to standstill in seconds. Optidrive makes sure that all its products, however sophisticated, are easy to understand and operate. Description Minimum Maximum Default Units P-01 Maximum Frequency / Speed Limit P-02 500. This is done as follows :-. 10 Updated to include V1.

5HP – 30HP 110 – 480 Volt 1 & 3 Phase Advanced Technical Manual. -41 Function Selected Default Operation. /30/EU (EMC) and /35/EU (LVD) (Valid. o Slave Output Frequency = Master Output Frequency x P2-29 x P0-01 o P0-01 = (Applied Analog Signal Level % - P2-32) x P2-31 o Note : P0-01 cannot be > 100. • To avoid RF interference, a minimum separation distance must be maintained.

User Manual Iss1. The Optidrive robots do not only establish a physical link between the different machines, they also exchange information. What is a Variable Frequency Drive?

5 – 15HP) 110 – 480V Installation and Operating Instructions. Optidrive OPTI6C Car Speakers pdf manual download. User Manual Iss1.

00 Declaration of Conformity Invertek Drives Ltd hereby states that the Optidrive ODE-3 product range conforms to the relevant safety provisions of the following council directives: /108/EC (EMC) and /95/EC (LVD) (Valid until 20. Invertek has developed advanced mathematical algorithms and uses the very latest hardware technology to ensure Optidrive P2 provides exceptional motor control. Optidrive P2 incorporates a hardware STO (Safe Torque Off) Function, designed in accordance with the standards listed below. Optidrive is happy to announce that PWS Distributors Ltd, located in Newton Aycliffe, Co.

Invertek Drives is a global manufacturer of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs / Variable Speed Drives / AC Drives) for energy efficient control of variable speed electric motors in fans, pumps, industrial automation, HVAC building services & elevators. The table below shows relay configuration summary when the module is connected to an Optidrive P2. Internal EMC filter and brake transistor. Optidrive Plus 3GV Advanced User Guide www. Operation can be in simple V/F control mode optidrive p2 manual español or in High Performance Third Generation Vector Mode, which provides up to 200% torque from zero speed without requiring an encoder. 0 seconds For Optidrive P2 units Frame Sizes 4 and above, the parameter range is adjustable between 0. Optidrive P2 has been developed to provide optimum control and maximum efficiency when operating with older motors designs, or newer high efficiency designs.

Optidrive P2/Eco Profinet IO Interface Configuration files and User Guide. Invertek Optidrive P2, ODPKF4N-TN, 400V 3 phase input, 400V 3 phase output, 160kW, IP55 Non-switched inverter. The HVAC Cascade Expansion module can be used with a Optidrive P2 -2). Search through 3. Optidrive P2 provides the perfect combination of high performance together with ease of use, allowing even the most demanding applications to be tackled. dvan l AC Variable Speed Drive 0.

That is why they are called intelligent robots. USER MANUAL Soundcore Life P2 English 01 Português 66 Čeština 06 Pусский 71. The most important reason for reprogramming the OptiDrive is the “endpoint adjustment” featured on most aftermarket radio systems. s celosvětovým zastoupením již ve více než 80 zemích.

Optistick User Guide V2. High performance open loop vector or V/f control.

Optidrive p2 manual español

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