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The Svea has been manufactured since the late 1800&39;s and still sets a standard for compact outdoor cooking equipment! Svea 123R 8R Brass Burner Bell. · The Svea 123 should be looked at the series 70, original first model, one moving part, one thing to go wrong, if ever. I am no expert on this stove so please refer to photos and decide accordingly.

se se White Gasoline stove No. For winter use it totally depends on the size of the group. I had to get not just 1 but 2 for upcoming backpacking trips. : optimus_123R_manual. Coleman 530 VS Svea 123 that I received from Jiujitsu. What is a Svea 123?

For those stove fans who have a new-to-you Svea 123R, here’s the manual in jpg and pdf format. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you! The spindle on a Svea 123R with the self-cleaning needle is at a right angle to the stem. What is a gas stove no 123R? I bought this repair kit for SVEA 123R to change the cleaning needle, the jet nipple, the graphite tube and the cap joint of my Optimus 8R. For SVEA 123 / 123R stoves.

1-16 of 101 results for "svea 123". Optimus Fuel Cap for stove 123/8r / 111 Hiker Optimus replacement fuel cap for stoves Svea 123, 123R, Hunter 8r, Hikers 111 Hiker 111c/111B - 99/199. How does the Svea 123R cleaner work?

One has a full pot set (I would love to find another one of these) and the other has just a small single pot. Read SVEA 123R Stove reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. 123R SVEA / CLIMBER Gasoline Stove. The Optimus Svea - cult stove of the climbing society - is an ultra-classic lightweight gasoline stove in solid brass. The Svea is currently used in Sweden and Japan for stationary use or as a working antique stove with a nice look. Got a problem with my 1977-era SVEA 123. Some Specifications from the Optimus site: No. I use a ~40 year old 123r.

It had worked just fine the weekend before. Get the best deals on Svea 123 Camp Stove when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Spritskål – Spirit cup – Vorwärmschale – Godet 3. Availability: Out of stock. Used Original Part. This repair kit consists of: one larger VITON® washer (OD18mm X ID 10mm X 2mm). Thanksgiving night, however, things didn&39;t go so well. .

Paid Subscribers don&39;t see ads! · Svea 123r is a self pressurizing white gas (Coleman Lantern Fuel, Naphtha, Shellite) backpacking stove. · The Svea 123 should be looked at the series 70, original first model, one moving part, one thing to go wrong, if ever. This is an older one I picked up recently on E-Bay. · The Fettle Box sells the "Svea 123/123R filler cap seal & safety valve pip" made from "Viton" which is supposed to outperform the manufacture&39;s stock washers and safety valve pip, and as I had spent some time on a picnic table at a campsite at Matane QC tinkering and trying to solve a pressure leak with the stove, I felt that replacing these parts was overdue. See more results. The back story why I bought this stove is that it brought back many great memories of my Uncle Warren who took me backpacking with him over 48 years ago.

The Svea Stove by Optimus. · The Svea 123 has no moving parts which is probably why they last forever, there are numerous reviews online of backpackers having them for well over 30, years. Vintage SVEA Camp Stove 123 Optimus Sweden Brass Camping Hiking. The stove&39;s base serves as an integrated fuel tank which can not be refilled on the fly.

It has a self cleaning needle so it maintains a clean jet under most conditions. I use these stoves on a regular bases. Svea 123R Manual Posted on For those stove fans who have a new-to-you Svea 123R, here’s the manual in jpg and pdf format. Burns White Gas, also known as Coleman fuel or Benzohine, etc.

. The SVEA 123R Stove is a accessory brought to you by Optimus. Just click on the link and it should come up on your browser. We doubt that any other outdoor stove has been field tested as much as the Svea to this date. 123R SVEA / CLIMBER Gasoline Stove A beautiful ultra-classic light-weight white gasoline stove made of solid brass.

Around nearly since Optimus was founded more than a century ago, the Svea stove has been a cult classic for light-and-fast climbers’ and alpinists’ gear bags for decades. 123RKÖKET THE STOVE LE RECHAUD DER KOCHER 1. · I received the 2- Svea 123r stoves I ordered in 3 days standard shipping. · The Swedish-made Svea 123 is a small liquid-fuel pressurized-burner camping stove that traces its origins to designs first pioneered in the late 19th century.

Camping Fuel Patrol Gasoline Primus Stove Pt-3 + English Manual. It&39;s used for pressurizing Svea and Optimus liquid-fuel stoves. Of at least the following models: Svea 123.

The Svea, on the other hand, will work with anything of a reasonable size, even pots which are much larger in diameter than the stove, as the photograph below shows. Svea 123/123R SRV Fuel Cap Repair Kit. I&39;m also attaching some interesting text found as per operation. It&39;s leaking fuel and burning an inordinate amount (it&39;s not getting anywhere near the rated burn time for a full tank). jpg: pdf for download (much better quality and sizable/zoomable). Optimus Svea Parts Kit has been discontinued by Optimus and is no longer available. · Spare parts kit for Svea For Optimus Hunter & Svea Compatible with current version of stove. A fair amount seeps out if the stove is in any position other than straight upright :eek:.

Free shipping on many. Stove is svea 123r manual in nice condition and is as seen in photos. The Optimus 8R and the SVEA 123R are very simple stoves with no moving parts and with very few parts. Designated the Svea 123R, hence the series 80. Discussion in &39;Wilderness & Survival Skills&39; started by collecter,. It has been around for a century and still sets the standard for compact outdoor cooking equipment.

The cleaning needle on the Svea 123R model has two small toothed cogs that face each other, which cleans the burner jet from both the inside and outside when using the stove. Construction Made of solid brass, the Svea 123 weighs about 500 grams (19 ounces), measures 100 mm x 130 mm (3. 1”) and will burn for over an hour on svea 123r manual full tank (about 4 ounces/0. Optimus SVEA Your fingers are itching to send the route, but food is energy. oops56 wrote:connie yours is a ir has a cleaning needle you cant go by the name model on the tank cause when they change over to the needle type they used up the 123 tanks and put the burner head on that&39;s a 123r never burn off the gas left in the tank the burner has a cotton wick you can char it then it no work very good next time. But before this can happen, the stove needs to be “primed,” that is, the tank needs to be heated before it can start delivering fuel to the burner.

What I really love about this stove is how it is a self contained unit, with most gas stoves there are several parts and pieces to bring along. The only repairs I have done to it so far are to replace the Fill Cap "O" Ring. The Optimus 8R is basically an SVEA 123R placed in a box and in a horizontal possition. · The Svea was designed in. A design that is not the best option to choose for a stove on an extended cycle trip. The flame was big and yellow and didn&39;t give off much heat. A beautiful ultra-classic light-weight white gasoline stove made of solid brass. SRV Tool for MAX SIEVERT Svea 123, Optimus-Svea 123/123R.

QuietStove for Max Sievert Svea 123, Optimus-Svea 123/123R. Contains: Jet, Cleaning Needle for Hunter, Cleaning Needle for Svea, Valve Spindle, Metal Ring, Graphite Packing, Stuffing Nut, Lid Gasket What the heck – it was the first thing I could lay my hands on. Maybe a teaspoon full of sand in it could clog it, but svea 123r manual it does not clog up easily.

Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below. s and one 123R that I have purchased used over the years. Might fit other Swedish liquid-fuel stoves with the same cap) Condition: Possibly used. · Options for the Svea 123 stove? We burned through a whole bunch of gas just boiling a little water. Pretty impressive.

I have tried many stoves, commercial stoves and home made ones. Brunton crux portable stoves: user manual (2 pages) Summary of Contents for Brunton Svea Page 1 Tank lid () Rubber packing (V) Handle () Saucepan () Supports () Windshield (2100) Eterna Binoculars OPTIMUS Nomad SolarPort Digital Compass Portable Power OPTIMUS 620 E. **Does not work with older stoves.

I have three Svea stoves, two 123? OPTIMUS® SVEA® Optimus International AB, PO-Box SE-128 21 Stockholm/Skarpnäck, Sweden www. JJ2K&39;s chanel: The SVEA 123r is indicated by the right angle of fuel valve. ** For Optimus Svea and Hunter stoves (Models: 8R, 123R, 1000, 199). 123R OPTIMUS 8R, 80, 88, 99 This is an Optimus Mini-Pump with matching Fuel Cap.

The manufacturer, Optimus, made a change in the late 1970s, and added a second moving part; a self cleaning needle. OPTIMUS MINI-PUMP 2911S FOR SVEA 123. See full list on moosejaw.

The svea 123r manual stove produces excellent heat, but due to narrow size would not recommend putting large group pot on top. Other differences between older and newer models include the vaporizer on older models, which is smooth, while newer models of both the Svea 123 and the 123R are finned and have a stronger joint configuration at the base. · Describing and using a Svea 123R Camp Stove.

Regular Price: . The cleaning needle moves upward and downward when the spindle is turned; when the spindle is fully opened, the needle clears the burner jet&39;s opening. Tuning is important on a SVEA. · Product Discontinued by Manufacturer. · Operating a Svea 123/123R Once the stove burner is lit, the heat from the burner and connected fuel stem keeps the tank warm, which pressurizes the tank to continuously feed fuel to the burner. We doubt that any other outdoor stove has been field tested as much as the Optimus Svea. See full list on paddling.

You can also explore other items in the Camp & Hike, Camp Kitchen, Stoves & Grills, Camping Stoves & Grills, Backpacking Stoves, Packing Stoves, Backpacking Stove Accessories, Camping Stove. He has since passed. Related: optimus stove svea stove svea 123 stove optimus 8r optimus 8 stove sigg tourist svea 123r primus stove max sievert radius stove svea 123 parts primus 71 stove Refine more Format. So we took the new Svea 123R on our four-day hike over Thanksgiving weekend. MONROE RIVERTON, WY. Ifyllnadslock – Filling lid – Fülldeckel – Couvercle de remplissage 2. It is also the case that Svea 123R stoves are identical in diameter to 1-quart Nalgene bottles. 6559 Descriptively, the SVEA 123 is a “white gas” stove with an internal fuel tank (true, the correct name is “Coleman” fuel or some other band name stove fuel, but most users call it simply “white gas” because, for the most part, that’s what it is).

Svea 123r manual

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